SellingTicketWithSeat Installation and Upgrade

Da Magenkit.

1. Unzip the package on your computer
2. Log in to the magento website via ftp
3. Upload the folder "app" and "skin” in the root of your magento site

  If you use a different from default theme - be sure to rename app/design/frontend/default/default folders to your store's values.
Using your FTP client upload content of directory to your store root.
4. Configure the module in System -> Configuration -> "Selling Tickets with Seats" to set:
  • The rows of seats by entering the letters separated by a comma (ex. A,B,C,D)
  • The number of seats per row
  • The number of sectors (min. 1, max. 4)
  • The layout of the sectors
  • The display of the area "free seats numbered"
  • The number of the zone file vacancies unnumbered
  • Visualization of the reserved area to the jury
  • Visualization of the reserved area to reporters and photographers
  • Product categories separated by entering the IDs separated by a comma
  • Its own css to customize the layout

5. Go to CMS -> Pages and edit the page "Tickets"

6. Configure the tickets in this way:
  • Creating a new product type "Virtual"
  • Set to Yes, the field "This is a ticket seat"
  • Set "Ticket seat" by entering the value of the place. For example. A2 Row A place 2, L60 Row L place 60
7. You can create a layout of places for each category
  • Assign the product to a category