OnShop Installation and Upgrade

Da Magenkit.

1. Unzip the package on your computer
2. Connect via ftp website magento being installed module
3. Download the "app" in this "Onshop" in the root of your site magento.

  N.B. If you are using a custom template, not one of those proposed by Magento,
load the contents of the directory app/design/frontend/default/default/directory of your theme (app/design/frontend/default/MY-THEME/)

4. Go to the administration panel
5. Go to Settings -> Advanced and make sure the module is installed and active. Possibly activating the module
6. Go to Configuration -> Magenkit -> Onshop and enter the activation key

1. The module is installed and activated by the panel of Magento but do not see the link in the tab order?
With some templates may have to copy the template and the layout in the same directory as the template; to do this proceed as follows:
a) Turn off the module from the System section -> Configuration -> Advanced admin panel
b) Copy via ftp directory contents Onshop / app / design / frontend / default / default / package in the directory of the template in use
c) Activate the module from System -> Configuration -> Advanced admin panel
d) Empty the cache