ManufacturerShopAdvanced Installation and Upgrade

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Introducing ManufacturerShop
ManufacturerShop is the module designed for Magento that facilitates insertion and modification of new suppliers by the manager of e-commerce, enabling its customers a simple and intuitive product search by producer (Brands).

The list of Brands is clearly visible:
  • In the box placed at the right or at the left column on template
  • In the cms page

In the administration panel module provides a section with a list of brands and a configuration section.


The installation of the module is very simple:
  • 1. Go to your Magento Admin Panel and disable cache
  • 2. Unzip the package on your computer
  • 3. Log in to the magento website via ftp
  • 4. Upload the folder "app" and "skin” in the root of your magento site.
Check if module work:
  • 1. Go to your Magento Admin Panel
  • 2. Go to IMSEO → Manufacturershop → Configuration

If the module doesn’t work refresh the cache


The module ManufacturerShop provide a configuration panel from which it is possibile to set:
  • • the type of template (Bullet, Drop down menu)
  • • the title of the box
  • • the position of the box
  • • the position at the top or at the bottom of the box in the template’s column
  • • the counting products

Manage Brands

ManufacturerShop with the manager of e-commerce can handle the producers referred to resell the items in a simple and fast, without having to access the configuration attributes.
For add a new brand you can selecting from the navigation bar the item IMSEO -> Manufacturershop -> Manufacturers List, and you click on “Add New” button.

For edit and delete an existing brand you can
  • 1. selecting from the navigation bar the item IMSEO -> Manufacturershop -> Manufacturers List
  • 2. selecting a brand
  • 3. edit and Save for update or Delete

Show Brands in frontend

The module ManufacturerShop allows you to enter the list of manufacturers in the site in several ways:
  • • through a box with a drop-down menu in any sidebars, both right and left
  • • using a bulleted list or slideshow on a page of e-commerce

You can activate the box from configuration section.
You can activate the brands list in a page with a static block

 {{block type="manufacturershop/list" name="imseo.manufacturershop" template="imseo/manufacturershop/list.phtml" 
title="Manufacturers list" show_product_count="1"}} 
You can edit this parameters for the static block:
  • • template:
    • o imseo/manufacturershop/list.phtml
    • o imseo/manufacturershop/dropdown.phtml
    • o imseo/manufacturershop/slider.phtml
  • • show_product_count: Yes/No

Regarding the template "slider.phtml" can be configured, in addition to the parameters previously seen, also the color of the background, the text and the count products.

 {{block type="manufacturershop/list" name="imseo.manufacturershop" template="imseo/manufacturershop/slider.phtml" 
title="Manufacturers slider" show_product_count="1" bg_color="#DEE5E8" text_color="#618499" counter_color="#E76703"}}