Da Magenkit.

ManufacturerShop is a module for e-commerce developed with Magento that helps customers of the store to buy the products by searching for brand (manufacturer).

With ManufacturerShop customers have access to a simple and intuitive product search by manufacturer.

ManufacturerShop with the manager of e-commerce can handle the producers referred to resell the items in a simple and fast, without having to access the configuration attributes. Selecting from the navigation bar item IMSEO> Manufacturershop -> List manufacturers, you can view the list of producers present in e-commerce. Through the function keys, you can add new producers, or edit and delete existing ones.

The module allows you to enter the list of manufacturers in the site in several ways:
  • through a box with a drop-down menu in any sidebars, both right and left
  • using a bulleted list on a page of e-commerce
  • Next to the name of the producer module displays the number of available products.

    The module provide a configuration panel from which it is possibile to set:
    • the type of template (Bullet, Drop down menu)
    • the title of the box
    • the position of the box
    • the position at the top or at the bottom of the box in the column
    • the counting products