General Support Guidelines

Da Magenkit.

Welcome to Magenkit Support

We work with Magento since 2010 and we have been providing high quality, stable Magento extensions since 2014.
Every day we try to create exciting new features for your Magento e-commerce.

If you have a problem with our extension that you have purchased, opena ticket
  • with the form in this page Support
  • with an email to

To fix your issue in the quickest possible time please provide us with as much relevant information with your ticket as possible*

1. Please provide us with a detailed step by step re-creation of the problem in order for us to replicate the issue. Please include any related rule, product, customer or order IDs so that we can investigate the issue.

2. In most cases we will need valid and accurate FTP and backend access (live or development site) with proper permissions*.

3. Please respond to only 1 ticket per extension to avoid unnecessary confusion and delays.

4. Please disable any external caching software or provide us with instructions on how to flush it.

  • Please note our time zone is GMT+1, so if we don't have the required information immediately available, it may be a couple of days before we can gain access to your site and resolve your problem.
  • Magenkit and IMSEO does not keep your passwords on file after technical help or installation but we recommend creating a temporary password for your additional security

Thank you very much. Following these guidelines will ensure we can fix your problem in the shortest time possible.