Cookie Profiling Law IT-EU

Da Magenkit.


IMSEO Cookie Profiling Law IT/EU responds to the directive which requires the communication on the use of cookies on its website.
In Italy the guarantor for privacy has issued an order to regulate the use of cookies on websites. This bill provides that the web site informs the user about the use of cookies, helping in the understanding of their meaning and inviting him to or not to give consent for the installation of cookies on your device.
This module informs the user about the use of cookies from the site through a banner or a dialog box.
The banner is a text, the link to the site that explains the privacy policy and the key to accept the use of cookies.
The text, the name of the link to the page Privacy Policy, the link to the page Privacy Policy and the name of the button of acceptance are manageable from an admin panel.
From the administration panel, you can:
- enable/disable banner
- set cookie expiration
- set privacy policy url
- set privacy policy link name
- set privacy text banner
- set name of button to accept privacy policy
- set css style
- set banner type (banner or dialog)